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Nitro MPG Combustion Enhancer is a scientific blend of Aliphatic Nitro Compounds formulated to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels.

At elevated temperatures, the active components break down and the molecules disintegrate, releasing additional oxygen from the Nitro paraffin groups. Immediately following at elevated flame temperatures, the Nitro paraffin group disintegrates while the remaining unburned hydrocarbons in the combustion chamber are re-ignited and burn with the liberated oxygen.

A reduction of sulfated ash will occur when Nitro paraffins, at elevated temperatures, combine with certain metals and form organo-metallic compounds. These organo-metallics are volatile and have appreciable vapor pressure at the temperatures encountered during combustion. They are released with the exhaust gases and, as a result, little or no metallic deposits on cylinder walls or piston faces occur causing extremely low sulfated ash values.

Nitro MPG Combustion Enhancer is recommended for use in any and all hydrocarbon fuels.


Nitro MPG Typical Properties

Product Name: Nitro MPG

Product Category: Hydrocarbon Fuel Combustion Enhancer - Patent Pending

Product Appearance and Odor: Red (light red liquid) with a mild odor

Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) UN-1993 N.O.S.

Health - 1 Flammability - 3 Reactivity - 1


Gasoline, as well as diesel oil, has a basic chemical formula of β€œC8H18 with no oxygen (O2) molecules attached. Therefore, it MUST have O2 added for it to burn – that oxygen comes from air the engine sucks into the combustion chamber.

The engine cannot suck enough air/oxygen in for complete 100% fuel combustion, not even with turbochargers and superchargers. It is this lack of oxygen that keeps the engine from burning more than about 85% of hydrocarbons/fuel during combustion in a well maintained and efficient modern engine.
Nitromtehane in Nitro MPG has a chemical formula of β€œCH3NO2”. Therefore, when added to gasoline or diesel fuel, free oxygen molecules are released as it burns within the combustion chamber.

The extra free O2 molecules increase the percentage of hydrocarbon combustion up to 98.9% of the fuel sent into the chamber to be burned. This added combustion delivers more torque/power and can increase fuel mileage as much as 9% to 16%.

No other fuel additive can do what Nitro MPG delivers, because they do not use Nitro Paraffin compounds.