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Nitro MPG Diesel will increase Cetane by as much as a full point. Nitro MPG Diesel uses Nitromethane in a proprietary formula for its power-enhancing ability. Nitro MPG Diesel releases extra O2 during combustion, like a liquid supercharger. The increase in torque, throttle response and acceleration help you maximize fuel economy. The added torque allows you to use less throttle pressure to accelerate, pass, and climb hills.  Nitro MPG Diesel also burns cleaner, dramatically reducing harmful emissions.

This product helps all engines burn cleaner and meet emissions test standards.

Algae Bio-Diesel Testing
Brauns Muscle Car and Hot Rod Restoration- pdficon Click to Download Full PDF!

Algae Bio-Diesel Test in a 2008 GMC Duramax diesel w/Allison 6 speed transmission

Both the dyno operator (Frank, trained expert) and the shop owner (Chris 3rd generation) with in excess of 20 years of testing experience expressed surprise in the significant results. Chris said “most additives don’t show a blip on the dyno computer!”

Suffolk County Public Works, New York- pdficon Click to Download Full PDF!

"Diesel exhaust test results by a BOSCH RTT 100 Smoke Opacimeter Tester proves that Nitro MPG lowered the smoke opacity by 13.1 points."

- Chuck Timeus, Fleet Service Manager

Pratt Institute - pdficon Click to Download Full PDF!

"The average percentage of reduction of the rate in fuel consumption for the laboratory tests conducted using gasoline was computed to be 25.47%

Similarly, the percentage of reduction of fuel consumption for diesel fuel used had an average of 27.99%"

- William J. Stack, Ph.D., P.E.

Consulting Engineer and Dean

Harrison Fuel Test - pdficon Click to Download Full PDF!

Life-to-Start of Trip: 6.1 MPG

During Trip: 6.79 MPG

"...This test was done under very controlled conditions by driving at normal speeds (within the speed limit) over the same routes that have been assigned to this team for more than a year. Considering that the test was done in the winter, and the previous 24 months average MPG included warmer conditions, the increased fuel MPG benefit is all the more significant..."

Atlantic Detroit Diesel- pdficon Click to Download Full PDF!

"There was an increase of 18% in horsepower. This reflects in an increase in gas mileage and a decrease in fuel consumption. "

Class #8 Truck Testing


1993 Ford Aeroforce, 6 Cyl / 14 L Engine, 350,211 Miles

without MPG
with MPG
change %
PSat - Opacity
Sat - Opacity
"0" - Drift
Oil Temp - PSat
Oil Temp - Sat
Avg. Min RPM
Avg. Max RPM
Rise Time - Sec


NY Double-Decker Tours Inc. - pdficon Click to Download Full PDF!

"...Black smoke is created with the daily domestic fuel used for the buses, which diminishes the combustion within the chamber. This problem has been eliminated with the Nitro MPG Fuel Combustion Enhancer. Since then, our buses have been running great. The buses have more power, they run a lot cleaner, and most important their overall appearance and performance have improved..."

- CEO of Double Decker Tours Inc., Alexander R. Garzon

NY Fire Department - pdficon Click to Download Full PDF!

"...After reviewing the results and reactions of the field tests of the fuel additive, I am pleased to inform you that the fuel economy of the Ladder Truck equipped with a Detroit Diesel engine has dramatically improved. The chauffeurs who are assigned to this vehicle have commented about noticeable changes in engine smoothness and operation.

There has been a dramatic reduction in visible exhaust from the vehicle. This has improved the air quality in the firehouse to the pleasure of the crew, particularly when the vehicle is started up..."

- Safety and Health Coordinator, Thomas A. Calvin

NY Apple Tours Inc. - pdficon Click to Download Full PDF!

"...Today our buses run a lot cleaner, and have more power and better performance. We highly recommend the use of Nitro MPG for anyone who has a problem with smoke, but whose vehicles are in mechanically sound condition..."

BJ & M Auto Inc. - pdficon Click to Download Full PDF!

"...Nitro MPG has exceeded our expectations. We had a tractor that came in to our shop for service that was failing to meet emission standards in the State of New Jersey. The passing percentage is 55%, and this tractor was testing at 96%. After several hours of service, it was reduced to 66%, which is still failing. We then poured Nitro MPG in to the diesel fuel and after driving for a few miles and re-testing, the emission had dropped to 30%. We continue to use Nitro MPG in our shop and highly recommend its use to customers...."

- Vice President of BJ & M Auto, Bruce Underwald

pdficon Click to Download Full PDF!


Nitro MPG Diesel Combustion Enhancer Treatment Chart


1 oz of Nitro MPG per Gallon of Diesel Fuel

Gallons of Fuel
Ounces of Additive
1 oz.
10 oz.
15 oz.
20 oz.
25 oz.
30 oz.
40 oz.
50 oz.
60 oz.
100 oz.
200 oz.
1.56 Gallons
500 oz.
3.90 Gallons
1000 oz.
7.81 Gallons
1500 oz.
11.72 Gallons
2000 oz.
15.62 Gallons



How much money can Nitro-MPG save you every year?

Use our interactive NitroMPG savings formula to calculate your savings! Simply plug in how many gallons you use per week and the cost per gallon in the yellow cells below. The chart will automatically change according to your data and show your total annual savings in the green cell!