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Who are we?

GLOBAL FUEL TECHNOLOGIES, INC., a Minority Business Enterprise, is a New Jersey-based company incorporated on November 10, 2005, to develop, manufacture, and market a nitro-paraffin based combustion enhancer that was originally developed in the 1980’s and updated to meet today’s fuel demands in 2008.

Global Fuel Technologies was created to fulfill its mission of manufacturing and marketing products to substantially improve the combustion efficiency of hydrocarbon based fuels, focusing on Gasoline, Diesel Fuel and other oil based fuels used in internal combustion engines.

Global Fuel Technologies is also re-engineering the product to enhance combustion for coal-powered operations. This product will be marketed to the coal-burning industry through specific distribution channels.

In the beginning:

We started with a commitment to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil by cutting fuel consumption an average of 10% or more in all oil-dependent market segments.

This resulted in EPA-registered proprietary fuel additives for all hydrocarbon fuels used in internal combustion engines.

Our years of research and development have earned Global Fuel Technologies a spot at the forefront of sophisticated innovative additives for hydrocarbon-based fuels.

As a natural result of the combustion enhancement qualities of Nitro MPG, we discovered it also cut harmful emissions from vehicles. This is an automatic result of improving fuel utilization / energy harvesting from hydrocarbon fuels.

We feel these two benefits go hand in hand. Our products reduce hazardous emissions from incomplete combustion, thereby improving overall air quality.

Paul M. Ellis, President & CEO

paul ellis

Mr. Paul Ellis has been a consistent and major player in the Wall Street financial banking industry, the electrical trades and construction industry and the mergers and acquisitions arena for commercial property. He is an experienced entrepreneurial business developer who exhibits a high level of professional ethics. His business experience for over twenty five years has culminated into a much focused approach in identifying, analyzing and pursuing profitable business ventures.

At the beginning of his career Mr. Ellis served in a senior management capacity and an officer for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce on Wall Street. His oversight included several departments within the institution including the accounting area where critical daily operations took place and detailed financial status reports created. In 1974 he was appointed Treasurer and CFO for the electrical contracting firm of “Electorque Associates Inc” in Brooklyn, New York. The firm was established under the SBA as an 8A firm. Mr. Ellis was responsible for all financial operations and reporting.

Within the next two years Mr. Ellis created a major minority business enterprise in the electrical construction trades in New York City. The business, “Urban Electrical Supply Co” negotiated several large scale construction contracts for lighting and materials that included the Jacob Javits Center, World Trade Center including Windows of the World restaurant, Museum of Modern Art, Federal Office Building at Foley Square, Donald Trump and the Hyatt Hotel, Long Island Expressway, lighting system upgrade and the Hartford Convention Center in Connecticut, to name a few. As a result of this success and expansion, Mr. Ellis created a new business venture, “Brooklyn Electrical Supply Co” which specialized in wholesale and retail electrical components and material for commercial and residential construction. This business venture fulfilled his strategy by becoming advantageous in his full circle approach of supplying equipment, materials and construction oversight for winning major contracts throughout the greater New York area. This business enterprise component alone generated in excess of Eight Million Dollars in annual sales within the first year.

Paul Ellis continued his business expansion and career development during this time as an accomplished entrepreneur. He worked as an independent consultant for a large NYC firm dealing in mergers and acquisitions. He was successful in finalizing several major transactions utilizing his skills as a banking industry executive, successful business owner and licensed commercial real estate agent.

Mr. Ellis is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Fuel Technologies, Nitro MPG. He assumed the ownership as well as leadership of the company through years of affiliation and contractual agreements with the former company and discoverer of the chemical formula. His investment in the company is not only financial but is driven by his compassion to combat the adverse effects of greenhouse gases (emissions) and related environmental issues that are steadily increasing and creating a dim future for all of mankind in the present tense and future. Global Fuel Technologies, Nitro MPG is an existing and highly effective combustion enhancer that is a non petroleum base formula and usable in all fossil fuels. Mr. Ellis is dedicated to working with the government, the global community and the private sector to secure a carbon free environment.

Mr. Ellis holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration from Anderson College, Anderson, Indiana.

He currently resides in Kissimmee, Florida.
info@nitrompg.net, (347) 689-8112